Attribute-Based Access Control Sample for a .Net Core API Application

Venky Writes
Jan 2, 2022


GitHub Link:

This is a simple demo sample on implementing ABAC in a .Net Core API Application. This uses three main aspects of Attributes => ACCESS, SCOPE, and MODULE.

Key Points
1. Access, Scope, and Module attributes are used
2. It is possible to extend this sample to accommodate as many attributes as needed
3. No External libraries were used
4. Handled all the necessary authn and authz in the handlers itself.
5. Optional takeaway — added an additional path for restricting resources in [PermissionsAuthHandler.cs#L60](

To Explore
1. Clone and run the code
2. Generate a JWT token with email/sub and exp. Applicable emails can be found in [TestUsers.cs](
3. Add the generated JWT token in the swagger authorization menu and call the APIs



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